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Unexpected Adornment for the Modern Woman


This body of work represents a subtle rebellion against the perfection of commonly found jewelry. It’s a carefully blended unity of the time worn nature of the old and the sparkle of the new. Beauty and balance exists among irregular shapes and perfectly imperfect finishes. Here you will find elements and earrings that are sisters, not twins.

The collection is made from a blend of mixed metals, including sterling, jewelers’ bronze and copper, with enamels, resin and beads. Found items are, at times, incorporated as well. A hot metal solder connection is used to meticulously join chosen and rustically rendered bits and pieces together.

How one adorns herself is, in part, how she defines herself and what she wants to tell the world about herself. When wearing this jewelry a woman is telling the world about her independence, her non-conformity and her desire to embrace a bold and new definition of feminine style.

Marcia Myrick Siany